Fiberglass Insulation


Fiberglass is a type of fiber-reinforced plastic where the reinforcement fiber is specifically glass fiber. Insulation is generally measured in R-value. R meaning resistance to heat flow. 

The higher the R-value, the longer you retain your heat. If you have an R-19, the heat stays 19 times longer than without insulation. R-30 will be 30 times longer, and so on. 

There are a wide variety of brand names of insulation. All have the same for thickness and quality. Most companies use dye to make it identifiable.

Fiberglass Batted Insulation

Fiberglass batted insulation usually comes two ways. You have unfaced batts and kraft-faced batts. Most municipalities require a vapor barrier.

With kraft-faced insulation, you have your vapor barrier. With the unfaced batts, we usually cover it with a 6 mil poly vapor barrier. It can also be covered with a foil-faced rigid board (i.e., Thermax, Celotex, etc.).

Fiberglass batts usually come in two widths to accommodate the framing of your structure. In addition to its thermal properties, it also provides excellent acoustical performance.

Roxul Batted Insulation

Another type of batted insulation is a product called Roxul. It is water repellent and does not support mold growth. Roxul is fire resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 2,150 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Comprised of 40% recycled material, it is made from natural stone and steel slag. It is also free of carbon, fluorine, and chlorine. Roxul is an excellent sound barrier as well as a higher R-value per inch than standard fiberglass batts.

Energy Codes

Energy codes in our state require certain R values within the building envelope of your home. An R-20 in your exterior walls. This can be done with fiberglass batts now by using a high-density batt of R-21.
For other products available, see below for Roxul. There are other ways of doing this with a rigid foam board on your home’s interior or exterior. For spray foam applications, please refer to our spray foam page.

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